Treasure Hunting

So I received my Garret Ace 200 metal detector yesterday and man was i thrilled! I quickly set it up , read the instructions and put some random objects on the floor. i was like a kid in a candy shop. I waved he detector over the objects and giggled when it made noises. I couldn’t wait to try this outside on the beach!

A few hours later, after Dinner, I took the dog and the kid out to the sand and started to make my sweep of the area. Jonathan took chebaccas leash and ran down the beach as i started looking for buried treasure. We spent 10 minutes combing the beach as we casually walked the dog.

Although it was a short walk, we did find several things like a metal hanger, a coke can and some wire. It was both thrilling and disappointing. I learned several things. 1) dont bring the dog. It was more a hassle then something to keep Jonathan occupied. 2) People leave random stuff in the sand. A metal coat hanger?? really?? 3) Buy a sand shovel / sifter. Digging through sand with your hands was near impossible to find items. Lesson learned there.

Later that night i went back out without the kids. it was dark and honestly, being a newbie, i gave up. Today I will order a sand sifter scoop and will try this all again another time.

Author: Michael