Ocean Isle Beach Sea Turtle Nest #27

This morning was full of excitement for my Son and I. We watched the mini excavator dig a hole next door and then we saw the volunteers over at ocean isle beach sea turtle nest #27.

I tried reaching out to the Ocean Isle Beach Sea Turtle Protection organization but have yet to hear back this far. As there were no trails leading up to the site, I’m assuming that these were transported from another “high risk” area. However the sea turtles got there, it’s still very exciting.

A few days before I think there was only 18 sites. To see the number explode is very encouraging and exciting. To think we have three sites within walking distance to the house that we can visit when they hatch is incredible. Now the wait begins, within 2 months we should see signs of life and hopefully we can be here to cheer them on and protect them from predators.

Remember, we can all do our part in protecting these Turtles.

  • Keep your kids and your pets a safe distance away from the nest. While the volunteers have set up screening to keep birds and foxes away, the nest can still be crushed by wandering feet.
  • Fill in holes and knock down sandcastles before you leave the beach. They can become obstacles for nesting turtles or emerging hatchlings.
  • Pick up trash. This seems like common sense but it isn’t apparently. Pick up your trash before you leave and if you see trash that isn’t yours then help the team out and pick it up.
  • Don’t leave your beach gear out overnight.

When all is said and done

We can all continue to help the OIBSTPO throughout the year by both donating our time as volunteers or by donating to the organization. Find out how you can help change the world, one Sea Turtle at a time.

Below is a video of the volunteers working on the nest shot with my GoPro Hero 7


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Author: Michael