Beach Life

Its that time of year again. Beach time! This year we are staying down at some of the most Beautiful beachs in Carolinas.

For me, I hate the sand. I hate the Sun. I hate the humidity. I hate the feeling of sand rubbing in spots that they shouldn’t be in. I would rather stay inside or down by the pool. But looking out across the ocean and knowing that there is NOTHING but Wind, Water and Sun for as far as you can see is Incredible and the pure order and chaos of the ocean has a calming effect on me.

Its fascinating to know the process’s that go into making this environment. The waves and wind shaping the shores. The ecosystems beneath the waves full of life.

We will be spending some time here this summer. For me, its the perfect place to just relax and forget about the current pandemic ravaging our nation. But we must still remain vigilant. Mask up when we go out, order curbside pickup at grocery stores and try to not “eat out” as much as possible.

My goals while here are : Learn to fly a kite ( cause I failed misrably at it the first time). Do some Surf / Inshore Fishing. Learn Metal Detecting. Hopefully i can use these to better engage my son in doing activitys other then watching the Ipad.

Author: Michael